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Hi, I’m Lisa Youngers.

Hi, I’m Lisa Youngers.

Transform Your Home with Downsize Simply
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home or planning a move? Downsize Simply is here to help you reclaim time and space, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in your life.

Personal Journey and Inspiration
The inspiration behind Downsize Simply stems from my personal experience of clearing out my father’s house. It was a transformative process where I learned the art of letting go and making deliberate choices about what to keep. Now, my home is easier to maintain and truly reflects what I love, use, and need.

Downsizing Services
Moving can be hard, especially if you are trying to help a loved one from afar. Downsize Simply eases the transition by creating and executing a plan so you are ready when the movers arrive. For moves within the Williamsburg, VA area I even help organize your new home.

Comprehensive Organizing Services
Whether it’s revamping your kitchen and pantry for more efficient meal preparation, creating an inspiring hobby space that sparks creativity, or optimizing your home office for enhanced productivity, I listen to your goals to create a home that works for your unique needs.
From grandma’s cake plate to family photographs. I understand the emotional significance of sentimental items and offer compassionate guidance on finding creative ways to preserve those items you love.

Crafting Your Ideal Living Space
At Downsize Simply, my approach is rooted in empathy and patience. I create environments that are more than organized and clutter-free, they are also safe and easy to maintain. So you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life. Whether staying in your current home and seeking to improve its functionality or preparing to move. I work closely with you and your family to design a space that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and preferences.

Commitment to Sustainability
Downsize Simply is committed to eco-friendly organizing by following the 5 Re’s of sustainability.
Reuse-Use what you already have instead of buying new.
Recycle-, paper, plastics, and metal
Refuse- Teach you effective strategies to stop the shopping habit.
Re-gift- Can that unwanted or unused item be donated and be a gift to someone else? When possible, each session includes one free drop-off of donations.
Repair- If the item can be repaired, let’s get it on the schedule so it gets done.


Lisa Youngers of Downsize Simply is very professional and great at what she does, and she is also kind and respectful.  At no time when she was working with me did I feel judged or pressured, and I am amazed at how much we accomplished in a short period of time!

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is downsizing, decluttering or simply trying to make their work or living space more organized and functional.

M. A.


My first radio interview! I had fun talking with Greg Martin at FM 93.5 THE BURG radio about how downsizing saves time, space and money!


“As I was liquidating my dad’s estate this gave me the inspiration to start my business.”